Stuck in a rut? Most entrepreneurs are still wearing many hats, and this includes managing company books. Perhaps your budget doesn’t include hiring an accountant or outsourcing the work on a monthly basis. That doesn’t mean you go without the help.

What It Is

#FixMyBooks™ is a consulting service in 60 minute increments for entrepreneurs having difficulty handling business accounting and financial tasks

Who Is This For?

The entrepreneur who is currently DIY’ing their accounting functions but need guidance on specific accounting tasks and issues.

Why Offer This Service

Accounting is the foundational cornerstone of every business.  Even if you cannot afford to pay a monthly retainer right now you should be able to work with an accountant.

Just a sample of issues that can be handled during a session

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What Our Clients Say

I am happy with the results because the matter was resolved quickly with no charges owed by me and very little inconvenience to me.
J. Grant
Individual tax client
Working with Christina has allowed me to direct my finances in places that always foster growth and being a return on my money.
Felicia Kelly
CEO, Cyrus Anointing Consulting
What's not to like?!?! She's amazing and knows her craft back and forth. It was such a pleasure to work with her.
Crystal Marie
CEO, Crystal Marie Events