Clean-up. Dust Yourself Off. Let's Go

Neglected accounting system?  Still accounting the shoebox method of accounting?  Sometimes a clean slate is all you need to change the trajectory of your business and your mindset.  Stop letting issues such as inaccurate records, disorganized bookkeeping, compliance issues and incomplete or outdated information keep you from growing your business.


Accounting System Clean-up

Inaccuracy is Costly

Inaccurate financial records can lead to misguided decision-making and may result in compliance issues.  Financial accounting neglect includes lack of  update financial records regularly which leads to incomplete or outdated information.  No good decision is ever made from bad data.

The Service We Provide

Whether you have an exisiting accounting or need to establish a new system, its important that all your financial data is recorded properly.  Don’t ever think that its too late to start.  We can take historical information and bring it up-to-date in your accounting system.

For TAxes only clean-up

A little birdie told me that perhaps your tax accountant hates you.  Go Figure.  I wonder why.  Could it be that you show up to their office with a shoebox full of receipts?  Or maybe you show up to their office with a ton of manilla folders with documents in no particular order.  Maybe you are the client that tried to put everything in a spreadsheet but fell short of the tasks.   

What the issue lets it get tackled now.  You have made it clear that you are not ready for a full accounting system but you want to present the financial history of your business to your tax accountant in an easy to read format.  Tax accountants love financial statements.  Let’s make them happy and stop that mean ole tax accountant from charing your abhorant rates and pushing your tax return into an extension.


The Service We Provide

We will take your accounting records from the whole year and record them in an electronic ledger.  Your deliverable is a set of  financial statements that offers a yearly synopsis of your business in an electronic ledger that you can access all year long.  You’re Welcome.