I screwed up…

busted leg

I screwed up…

I am an overachiever. I can admit that. I try and do to many things all at one time by myself. No one can do what I can do like I can get it down. This is what I keep telling myself. that’s not to say that things won’t be done the right way, but hey…its not me that’s doing it.

True story. Last week I was diagnosed with an infection in my left leg. It hurt like hell. It has left me on crutches with limited mobility and plenty of idle time on my hands. All of a sudden I was reduced to relying on hubby, sisters and friend to help with some things I would ordinary do myself. Simple things like taking a restroom break became an assisted chore.

I wouldn’t be the high level, analytical thinker (I have nothing but time now) I am without trying to apply this scenario to business. I’m a business owner. I help guide other business owners to profitable margins and better financial decisions. How can I equate what I have learned from my experience into something tangible that others can use?

Then it came to me.


I realized very early that although I could crawl or hop my way into the bathroom, alone, by myself, and endure the pain associated with such silliness, that I didn’t really have to do that. Plus, why risk having an accident before I got to said bathroom when I would have just called hubby, who was more than willing to help, get me to the bathroom sooner and with few complications.

Now he may not have taken the same approach I would have on my own, but the end result was the same. I would make it to the bathroom without incident.

That is how some of us are in business. Yes, we can attempt to do all things but does that mean we must? Are there some things that others can do just as well with the same (if not better) result? Why do we have such a hard time relinquishing control over things that we insist on doing ourselves?

Teamwork is crucial to any business. This is a little rhyme that I made up (again, because I have time).


Contrive: the devise, to plan

Here are some of the things that I think about when planning a solution for a business that I learned from my bathroom experience.

  1. IDENTIFY THE NEED. (translation: I gotta go potty! )
  2. UNDERSTAND THE VARIABLES THAT MAKE UP THE NEED. (So, I need to get from bed to bathroom in a limited time…or else…)
  3. SET THE QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE NEED. (I need someone, preferably with two legs and strong arms and a basic sense of direction)
  4. PRESENT THE ASK. (Hey Honey, I need help. Can you assist?)
  5. ASSESS THE WORK. (Did I make it? Was the end goal fulfilled?)

There will be a point in time in your business where you will have to make a decision to introduce others of variable skill sets to work along side you in your business. An accountant, a marketing director, tax planner, an assistant (you get where I’m going).

Don’t be afraid to start reaching out to build your team. If you want to scale your business, a team is needed. Its necessary and its okay.

Perhaps you don’t know if you are ready to hire someone just yet because you don’t know or understand the costs involved and how it will affect your bottom line. Don’t fret. Perhaps the first person on your team may be an accountant. They can help you determine how much you can invest and the potential return on investment (ROI) of said investment. If this sounds like you, I invite you schedule a discovery call with me by clicking on the picture below.

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For those of you who had read tot he end of this post. Kuddos to you. I’m sure that you are thinking to yourself, “well, how did she ‘screw up’?” I’m glad that you asked.

I had to learn the hear way that doing to many things all at one by myself was not the way to go. I’d been told by my family and friends a while ago to “slow down” and “ask for help”. and to “take a break and rest”. I didn’t. Now I have been ‘forced’ to slow down and ask for help. Don’t be stubborn like me. Head my advice and learn from my screw-up.

And just because you were so awesome to read to the end, I want to offer you a special deal. If after speaking with you, you decide to sign a proposal for my services, I will discount:

  • 20% of any one-time service or
  • 1/2 off the first month of any recurring service.

Just mention “screwed up” at the beginning of service.

Remember, in order to thrive, contrive.

Peace and Blessings


The ‘Pit Bull’ of Accounting