Your business is rapidly growing, and it’s been a challenge keeping pace with increasing volume and complex transactions.

Your business has exasperated all available resources in personnel and technology and now you require expertise beyond what’s available internally.

You want to scale your business, but you lack financial planning and require higher-level financial insights to drive business forward.

We Have The Solution

MossFinancials provides a scalable solution, allowing you to access a team of skilled professionals without the overhead costs associated with hiring and training in-house accounting staff. 

As a forensic accounting and profit strategist with over 23 years of experience my goal is to support your business maintain accurate financial records, partner with you on strategic financial planning, assess your fraud risk, and ensure compliance with ever-changing business regulations.

How We Craft Success Stories

Outsourced Services

Learn how outsourcing your accounting services can help you manage your business' expanding financial requirements and provide scalability and expertise to support sustained growth.

Accounting Clean-Up Services

Sometimes a fresh start is what you need to get on the right track. Learn what a clean-up service is and how it can change the trajectory of your business.

DIY Essentials

Are you a new business owner and require accounting support that fits your tight budget? See how our DIY services can help aleveate some of your financial pain points.


Meet Christina

Hey. My name is Christina. A long time ago I did not have a clue what I wanted to do in life. I had taken on jobs with temporary agencies and without a clue as to what I wanted to do. I was blessed to have someone realize my potential and offered me an accountant position with a local University. This jumpstarted my accounting career. Along the way I have had some fantastic experiences and worked with some great public, private and non-profit organizations. After working in a local CPA office supporting small businesses, it was then I realized that there are many who want to ‘do business’ but very few who know HOW to ‘do business’. Education is paramount is starting, growing and sustaining a business. And let’s just be honest, many businesses start and fail because of lack of financial resources and lack of business education. You simply don’t know what you don’t know. I am here to change the narrative. I want to guide you along your entrepreneur journey. I bring with me 20+ years of accounting experience in many sectors, both public and private. I know what the big corporations do to keep their business running. I understand the plight of the small business owner wearing many hats. I can help you understand your financial reports and help you make informed business decisions based on factual financial data. I will work with you to create a budget for your business and help you understand and chart your cash flow. There is no denying that education is key to success. I want to help you achieve that success


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